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New Pics Prisma

March 29, 2010

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Moving Forrest @ Expodium

March 26, 2010

Moving Forest Vernissage, Try to pee on this tree…

Check out the videos below.

Belly of NL Architect (V)

March 24, 2010

Semifreddo Verdana

March 23, 2010

Cool pics by Jan Joris Vereijken on Flickr: half frozen roof…

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Park Brederode: Bend Up

March 22, 2010

10 years ago we were asked by landscape design acency BVR to design 2 types of villas for Park Brederode in Bloemendaal, probably the most desirable piece of land in the Netherlands.

Bend Up was a new type of patio house: an elastic bungalow. In order to keep the gorgeous park 100% public we projected the garden on the roof. By bending the bungalow a direct relationship with the living room could be established. And the curves, in a way, blend in with the striking landscape of Dunes.

We didn’t hear anything about the project for a decade but last Friday an exhibition opened about entries for a competition that hoped to generate inspiration for future buyers of the lots that are still available. The competition was open to members of the union only. As such we missed the opportunity to breathe new life into the project…  it still deserves a change

Coming out: Zuidas

March 21, 2010

Zuidas is the emerging La Defense/Canary Wharf of Amsterdam. It has been the center stage of the Banking Drama in the Netherlands. And it was the focal point of the biggest Realty Fraud in the country. The place to Wheel and Deal (Operate or manipulate for one’s own interest, especially in an aggressive or unscrupulous way). Now it is converted into a fair… the Gold Zone!

Luiertaart: Sarah’s 33rd Week and her Last Day

March 19, 2010

To present a so-called Diaper Cake to pregnant parents is a beautiful tradition: it combines the festive with the practical. In principle you role up a number of diapers and build a ‘cake’ with them: a cheerful gesture that becomes fully functional from day one.

At NL Architects this custom is still in an embryonic phase. But after a blissful version of Rietkamer for Kirsten about one year ago, a Diaper ‘Fortress’, now it is time to celebrate Sarah’s last day in the office before maternity leave: a Diaper Tower was constructed modeled after our project B05 in Nieuw Crooswijk in Rotterdam. (The terraced tower itself will go under construction soon. Due Date: spring 2013)

Exhibit in Arcam Opening in 30 minutes!

March 19, 2010

Blok K in Funen (Verdana) is nominated for the Amsterdam Architecture Prize. Exhibit opening in 30 minutes!

OH-NO, a chair that needs support…

March 16, 2010

Charity Chair is a project initiated by the magazine AIT and Dietiker AG, Switzerland in order “to help those people who suffer from abysmal living conditions”.

100 of the so-called ONO chairs designed by Matthias Weber and produced by Dietiker were delivered to selected architecture and interior design offices in Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

The assignment is to give the white wooden ONO a new appearance; to produce an authentic copy.

The individualized chair will be on display in a traveling exhibition. An auction will take place in spring 2010. The revenues will be used to support the Langa Township in Cape Town, South Africa.

OH-NO investigates to what extend material can be taken away from the original for the object to still remain ‘chair’. As a result, the OH-NO became a delicate, fragile version of the ONO: a chair that needs support…

Moving Forrest (Next Gen)

March 9, 2010

On Friday March 12 the exhibition Who’s afraid of Green, Grey and Gold? will open in Expodium in Utrecht.

NL Architects will present an updated version of Moving Forrest. Hopefully this time the trees will move by themselves. Master Gen produced a prototype out of a vibrator and some brushes. The new generation of Moving Forrest will clean up its own leaves in autumn…

The prototype is now being developed further by Michael Klinkenberg; looks promising! Check it out:

Who’s afraid of Green, Grey, and Gold?