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June 30, 2011

Under (De)construction Poortgebouw IPKW

June 24, 2011

Bart Schoonderbeek of Schipper Bosch asked us to help design the gate house for their business park in Arnhem. The access road had to be doubled and this meant that the existing entrance building had to make way. But there happened to be so much infrastructure hidden in the first floor that it was impossible to demolish the building, an electronic highway is actually running through it… Cutting the wires would jeopardise the operations on the entire park. Some sort of surgery became unavoidable.

Part of the existing building is sliced off, the skin removed and a new body with slightly different proportions will be wrapped around the remaining frame.

The box that contains the upper floor is clad in retro reflective foil. BLACK reflective foil… After an obsession of about 20 years with retro reflectivity we can’t wait to finally see a building glow…

The Industrie Park Kleefsewaard has a nice wwwebsite, you can follow the process of the transformation:

Streetview Spordtgebouw

June 22, 2011

It is almost 2 years after completion of the Spordtgebouw in Dordrecht. But it looks like finally the first climbing walls will go up soon after all… I Like!

June 21, 2011

OP and NL are selected to develop multifunctional sport fields for Lokale og Anlægsfonden, the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sport Facilities (LOA). Together with Niels and Jennifer, who both worked in our office on projects like BasketBar, Funen and Wilde Plek, we currently work on a new generation of Multibane. These multipurpose arenas are about the only ‘unsolved’ public devices in über-elegant Denmark… the Multibane feature edges along the pitch to keep the ball in play. This boarding tends to be rather bulky and unattractive. We’re creating a catalogue with proposals that hope to reduce the impact on public space. It will go on-line soon. And we’ve selected one to be developed into an actual prototype: a hole in the ground, edges clad in Astroturf. The excavated soil will form a grassy knoll that can serve as an informal stand. Let’s see if it works…

Wim: Waanzinnig!

June 18, 2011

Wim found this ad in the Metro in Rotterdam: Kuifje is actually happening… waanzinnig!


B-Bar: Entrance for the Disabled…

June 13, 2011

We received an email: the BasketBar appears in skate video: Check @ 2.22min

Thank you Rolf!

Mashup at KRUH in Praha

June 10, 2011

After the lecture:  the flyer becomes flyer…


Abu Dhabi TV at NL

June 7, 2011

The invigorating Roula Bahnam and her team paid a visit to our office. Roula is a Lebanese Iraqi TV presenter and an architect. The interview was aired on Abu Dhabi TV early this month. There is some surprising subliminal info in this episode…