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Urban Intervention Award Berlin

November 28, 2010

Senatsbaudirektorin Regula Lüscher confers the UIAB. An important prize: public space is under pressure while at the same time there is an incredible energy from the people to intervene. Hopefully this award will help to address the issues of publicness and private initiative.


November 27, 2010

Schöner Wohnen

November 27, 2010

remote control

November 27, 2010

Platz Da! Rectangular Aureola

November 24, 2010

Intercontinental Hotel Wien on Sunday November 20 with Rectangular Aureola.  Platz da! 18th Vienna Architecture Congress

Extra Extra: Next Stop Lelylaan

November 24, 2010

Yesterday was the festive presentation of a newspaper called Next Stop Lelylaan to alderman Paulus de Wilt, Allard Jolles of Bureau Rijksbouwmeester and many other guests a the Skyy Lounge of the Fashion Hotel.

Next Stop Lelylaan investigates what potential is hidden in the temporary empty lot next to the Lelylaan Station in Amsterdam. This lot and many others come available now the Netherlands faces a radical stop in construction; buildings have already been demolished but it is unclear when and if construction will commence. What can we do in the mean time? At the same time the paper presents ideas that aspire to reinforce the magnetism of this gloomy Station. How can we put Station Lelylaan on the map?

Next Stop Lelylaan is a collaboration between sociologist Anne Hemker (Stadstij) and photographer Lard Buurman, urban planners Jaco Kalfsbeek (DRIVE: 3d) and Mark Eker (Eker en Schaap Landschapsarchitectuur), graphic designer Johannes Verwoerd and NL Architects.

More will follow soon

Making of: Lecture @ Wuppertal

November 24, 2010

Hoor wie klopt daar?

November 19, 2010

Ground breaking Gymnastics Hall / Eerste paal Turnhal Nieuw Welgelegen Utrecht

What? WOW!

November 19, 2010

Unorthodox Surfer Dude paddling in the canal next to office


November 14, 2010

According to the NVB, the Dutch Association of Developers and Contractors, currently the selling price of an average new home is lower than the costs to construct it… clearly the incentive to build has evaporated.

But at the moment we discover that building costs drop drastically. We experience that contractors offer the job for only 75% of the estimation. That smells like an opportunity. Is it the first sign of a resurrection?