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September 26, 2011

This weekend Turnzaal Welgelegen was officially opened. For the first time we could see the building in action…

The experience was mind blowing: the natural glow is peaceful, quiet, the acoustics relaxed, calm, the atmosphere -in spite of the crowd- serene.

Did we ever experience such enthusiasm?

In his inspired and inspiring speech Hans van Zetten, one of the leading figures in Gymnastics and as such an expert on gym halls, called the experience heavenly…

Wordt dit de winnaar?

September 16, 2011

Both Verdana / Blok K and Touwenterrein nominated for Amsterdamse Nieuwbouwprijs!

Less is more!

September 13, 2011

As a wedding gift Caro gave Juliette and Martijn a 3Vase. Juliette at first was sceptical: would that sculpture actually contain enough water? But now she found out what many florists will also tell you. Juliette has sent us an image of an experiment. She divided a bouquet over two vases, one contained plenty of water the other less. The Dahlias in the 3vase flourish and last longer! Less water = more flower! YES!

Virtual Reality?

September 9, 2011

We just got this link from Herr Schoner. Another Virtual Reality that might become rrreal…

Michael has the incredible ability to bring to the surface the weirdest stuff from the underbelly of the internet. When he was still working with us we received many emails every day with his amazing discoveries.

Now he ‘stands on his own legs’ I’m happy that he continues sending us these links now and then. Maybe he should make a business case out of it: sign in for his Link Tweet for a few bucks… could be the beginning of a fortune! Stumble upon Michael? Hello Link?

3Vases at Heijmans HQ

September 9, 2011

Nanne has just sent u a snapshot from his visit to the Heijmans HQ in Rosmalen: a flock of 3Vases . Exciting to see so many of them together; and still mesmerizing that it actually is only one object…

Shortcut to Michael Trash

September 6, 2011

Block City – Rebound

September 6, 2011

The call of the A101 Block City competition to address the issue of standardization in is a rather difficult but very inspiring endeavour.

“The A101 Block City competition, organized for the Masshtab corporation in Moscow, envisioned the creation of a new city of 200.000 inhabitants near Moscow. The masterplan brief demanded that 80% of blocks have standard sizes. An open competition for the design of the blocks was organized. 210 architects from 20 countries took part – 147 projects are shown in this exhibition. They are presented here in the form of a catalogue from which and endless number of different cities can be built by simple replacing blocks with others”. Bart Goldhoorn

Our entry was not very successful; according to the jury report our proposal didn’t even make it among the best 100… But it is now on display in the exhibition LIVING Frontiers of Architecture in the Louisiana Art Museum near Copenhagen. Guus brought home some pictures…

In spite of the apparent failure we were still very excited with potential of our project. We realized that the design could be improved so we decided to invest some more time to redevelop the diagram. You can see the result on our wwwebsite.

Kuifje in Crooswijk

September 6, 2011

Peter Hopman of Bureau Lakenvelder has just sent us a photo of our project under construction taken from Kralingseplas. Yes!

Sendung Verpasst?

September 5, 2011

Power Flowers in the news: August 2nd Heute Journal, ZDF

Sendung Verpasst? Please check from minute 24:00


September 2, 2011