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Binary Pottery: Bulb Vase

February 9, 2017

Flowers, when ‘harvested’ are cut loose from their life source. Bulb Vase replaces the missing ‘body part’, Bulb Vase is a prosthesis.

Bulb Vase is a form of binary pottery: an exploration into the potential of mass customization.

Bulb Vase is a web tool that allows you to digitally mould a small vase according to your liking. Just drag the sliders to adjust the figure: twist the base, stretch the neck, swing the body, squeeze the butt.

Once you’ve created a satisfying shape you can place your order. You will receive an email with the exact price that is depending on the chosen shape and the amount of material used. After we’ve received your payment, a delightful package will soon arrive with the solid result of your exercise in virtual modeling.

It is fun, try it here: Bulb Vase


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