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Kleiburg de laatste Bijlmerflat_trailer

September 30, 2013

Kleiburg De Laatste Bijlmer Flat_02

Here is a link to a trailer of the documentary about Kleiburg.

You can still make it to this afternoons viewing at the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht: Monday Sept 30 – 17:30 – Wolff City 3

Check this out

September 25, 2013

Kleiburg_de laatste Bijlmer Flat

Kleiburg is the star in the documentary by Jeroen Visser opening at the Dutch Film Festival this weekend.

N.A.P. III: Amsterdam City Swim

September 10, 2013


After Maxima went for a swim in the canals last year, the second edition of Amsterdam City Swim was even a bigger success: 2000 participants.

The former sewage system is slowly turned into super-sized nature pool…a miraculous transformation that we actually foresaw quite some time ago. (N.A.P. (Dive into the Green) and N.A.P. II)

A new way to use the city emerges. Recreation will take a new shape. Floating terraces? Aqua jogging in the Amstel? Since we can hardly find a place anymore to park our bikes -paid bike parking might be introduced very soon- will we soon swim to work? Skinny dipping next year?

Photo: Barbara de W.

Bulb Vase_New Protos

September 6, 2013


Master Gen ordered new prototypes of Bulb Vase at Shapeways. The 3D prints arrived today: mat black, polished white, translucent and soft rubber!




September 5, 2013

XS Architecture at Cityscapes Gallery

A great new initiative by Bastiaan Gribling of CITYSCAPES gallery: XS ARCHITECTURE, design by architects, architecture by designers.

XS ARCHITECTURE is a new platform for architecturally-related items – products that have clear architectural features but steer away from the traditional notion that ‘architects only design buildings’.

We launched a new prototype: Bulb Vase, a mini vase that will be available as 3D print. Bulb Vase can by easily modified according to your preferences while keeping its integrity…