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Elevator goooing left!

November 29, 2014


ThyssenKrupp is developing the world’s first rope free elevator.  The MULTI  will evoke a revolution. It comprises of several cabins in the same shaft moving vertically and horizontally that will permit buildings to adopt different heights, shapes, and purposes, transforming conventional elevator transportation in vertical metro systems. Transrapid going up!

MULTI requires smaller shafts than conventional elevators, and can increase a building’s usable area by 25%!

The MULTI is exactly what we’ve been waiting for… In our proposal for Taipei performing Arts Center we hoped to deploy a system of elevators that besides going up and down could move sideways, that could overtake each other for ultimate efficiency and pure bliss: the elevator a ride!


The Road as Chesterfield

November 25, 2014


Sleeping Policeman in the gutter.

Increasingly heavy rain might eventually require a new type of drainage. Traffic safety will remain an important issue. So why not combine bump and gully?

Can we invert the speed bump and turn it into some kind of gutter?

Drainage and speed control combined into one object = speed drain!speed drain




Sound shape

November 10, 2014

Our 3D printer is humming. Apparently different shapes evoke different sounds. From the specific reverberations Master Gen can distinguish the shape… ah… I can hear a box.