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Mockup or Mockery?

March 31, 2011

Daan ( has send us some pics from Schiphol Airport. The scene reminded him of something. Daan worked with us on the competition for the new Lounge in Terminal 3.

Schiphol used to be a very elegant and coherent environment. But over the years fragmentation and commercialization turned it into yet another postmodern experience. You can actually go for coffee in scaled down version of Gare du Nord…

In an attempt to reintroduce ‘grand scale’ we proposed a ‘sea’ of comfortable rotating chairs, perhaps Eggs or Swans. No Tulips though. But still a kind of flower field could come into being.

We did not win, strangely enough. But apparently something similar has now popped up elsewhere in the airport. Coincidence? Is it a mockup? It is quite clear that the details still need work. And of course that many more should spring up.

We’re trying to find out how exactly this cozy corner saw the light, but our man on the inside hopped to another job… we’re still in the dark.

Heavy Hard Hat

March 28, 2011

Gertjan received a ‘present’ for his B’day: a customized safety helmet for protection on the construction site. This hard hat has a black coating and features metal spikes. It is understandable he didn’t want to wear it for the photo shoot. Not to mention to the building site…

Flipper Bridge in TopGear!

March 13, 2011

Virtual Reality

March 7, 2011

Bregje and Job have installed one of our so-called Virtual Realities on their living room wall.

Phantom Pain from 2008 shows a ghost town of 50 Twin Towers that equal the unused office space in the capitals of Europe.

Often people pick their art such that it harmonizes with their furniture. Not Bregje and Job. They actually threw out their sofa. And replaced it with books. Perfect match!

End of an era

March 4, 2011

After six years in the office, Michael decided to leave and start for himself. A generous and heroic act; since it are quite scary times for architects in the Netherlands.

But we don’t have to miss his explosive creativity, we can hopefully work together in new ways in the future…

The T-shirt turned out wacky. As it should. A savage portrait. But there was a surprise: a bonus, a T-shirt with the boom bench that actually can play music!