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Tourist Menu

November 30, 2012

Golden Garden

Golden Garden is a Chinese restaurant at the Delflandplein, just outside the Amsterdam ring road. Some would say in the middle of nowhere. Still it is the place to be! Busloads of Chinese tourists find their way here to get some decent food while on holiday.

Of course they also serve a Dutch clientele; the locals however get the typical Dutch version of the menu; Kroepoek, lots of pineapple, sateh sauce and so on. Dishes that must be truly exotic for the visitors from the People Republic…

Today we were craving for actual Chinese flavours. But how to avoid the regular Dutch set of choices? Ah! In order to get the real thing, here -surprisingly- one should order the Tourist Menu!


November 26, 2012


November 21, 2012

Kameleon is finalist for the Zuiderkerkprijs 2012. On December 11, during a soirée called De Prijzen van 2012  the winner will be announced.

To Do

November 19, 2012

Arne’s TO DO list for Gershwin. (More soon)

Tel Aviv

November 16, 2012

Ambassador Veldkamp, who generously supported our contribution to the Ivory Tower Conference at Bezalel on Monday, wraps up the day.

Tel Aviv is wild and coherent: a very exciting city. Perhaps a bit too exciting right now with the Gaza escalation… a friend with a one year old just posted: my son’s first war…

The organizer: “I’m really happy you chose the early flight”.

Tumbs Up!

November 16, 2012

Kuifje in Crooswijk (II)

November 15, 2012

Martijn van den Ban has send us an image from B05 seen from Kralingse Bos. For many more pics check: B05

Concrete Wallpaper

November 9, 2012

Housing Corporation Rochdale and Consortium De Flat have just signed the deal for Kleiburg.

But there are more positive signs that the time is right for Kleiburg’s recovery: the immensely popular Dutch designer Piet Boon presents Concrete Wallpaper! “a wallpaper that is indistinguishable from real concrete“.

Housing the Crowd

November 9, 2012

Yth rekan-rekan arsitek dan non-arsitek,

Both Kameleon and Prisma were part of the exhibition “Housing the Crowd, Attractive Affordable Housing Within Budget” at the Erasmushouse in Jakarta, curated by Daliana Suryawinata (SHAU) and Sigit Kusumawijaya.

“Providing affordable housing is one of the most important challenges in a rapidly urbanizing country like Indonesia. Designing social housing is never an easy task. The Netherlands has its long-learned experience. The term’s connotation to boring low quality structures and unattractive slabs have pushed creative Dutch architects who had a chance to design social housing- to do their best to design exciting buildings that do not look like social housing, within budget”.

Power of Planning

November 5, 2012

Kameleon on AT5: good vibes!