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Groninger Forum Skull

October 30, 2011

Check Clip: OOGTV


October 28, 2011

Nieuwbouwprijs Amsterdam: Funen first prize, Touwen second! AT5



Dream Assignment… or ‘419’

October 25, 2011

We received a mind blowing request by email: if we were interested in designing the Hamdala Pyramid Hotel in Qatar with an ambition level comparable to Sydney Opera House… “Dubai has the Burj al Arab and Paris the Eiffel Tower so Qatar will have the Hamdala Pyramid”.

At first we thought it was fishy, but after a pleasant phone call with Mr. Benson Oke; self-esteem defused our scepticism. Why not?

We were about to book flights. And we contacted Arup, to see if they wanted in. We soon got a reply that they had received several identical emails… sad news: ‘419’  fraud. The catch is that you have to sign in for the “Qatar institute”, for the little sum of 1750 euro you can even become a gold member! Creative deception, beautiful, resourceful, convincing. Perhaps we should invited them to become part of our PQ team…

We now hope that the other dream assignment -to design a residence in Florida- that we got one day earlier is not a scam…

Good day

Proposal for the Design and Construction Hamdala Pyramid Hotel

We wish to propose to your firm to handle in new design project Proposed for Qatar. The Hamdala Group Company has committed to Hamdala Hotel Limited and our subsidiary, Lars Group Properties Limited to develop Hamdala Pyramid Hotel in Qatar this investment will create job and improve Qatar business infrastructure by increasing availability of quality and affordable accommodation.

The brief
Is to create an icon for Qatar, a building that would become synonymous with the place, as Sydney has its opera house, Dubai has the Burj al Arab and Paris the Eiffel Tower so Qatar will have the Hamdala Pyramid .

Hamdala Pyramid Architectural design and construction will commence this year and to be completed on or before 2017 and will be ready to welcome guest before Qatar 2022 world cup. “We intend Hamdala Pyramid to become both an economic engine and a proud symbol of the Hamdala’s economic and cultural stature in the world community,” You will be able to live in Qatar during the design and construction of the project working as the project Design Director for the construction company that will handle the project which will be one of the world′s leading multi discipline design consultancies.

Hamdala Group Company (“HGC”) is one of the world’s premier international investment companies with Groups in some of the world’s best known companies and brands.

We believe you will have the capacity to this proposal follow your works we saw through Archi planet  website

HGC is based in Saudi Arabia and headed by Alhaji Sani Kano Hamdala. The Company’s vision is simple to ‘invest in the best’ through a strategy of:

  • Focussing on core growth and value added industry sectors
  • Investing in high performance companies with leading brands
  • Maintaining a longer-term investment approach
  • Extracting value from undervalued or underperforming assets
  • Maximising Alhaji Sani Kano Hamdala’s unique experience, investment expertise and international network of contacts

What we require from you are:

Please send us the following
  1. The certificate of practice from Qatar institute
  2. Scan and send us your international passport of all member of your Architectural team visiting Qatar for the meeting
  3. Your CV or Company profile.

Please note this

– What is the approximate building sum? The approximate building sum will be determine by your design what ever you design we will build.

– What is the team setup? You will have to do 70% of the total planning job

-What is the brief? The brief is to create an icon for Qatar, a building that would become synonymous with the place, as Sydney has its opera house, Dubai has the Burj al Arab and Paris the Eiffel Tower so Qatar will have the Hamdala Pyramid .

-What is your assignment ? Design and project Design Director

– What is the procurement process:? You will the determine procurement process

– When will this Project start ? This project will start this year

I am hoping to hear from you in order to discuss details with you.

Mr. Benson Oke
Hamdala Hotel Investments (HHI)
I am in London now you can Call with this Number +447035957782

May we have your votes, please?

October 23, 2011

We can imagine that you might suffer of some sort of voting fatigue by now, but please check out the clip of Blok K / Verdana in Funenpark. And cast your vote. Only few days left… and



October 21, 2011


October 21, 2011

The crew of God’s Entertainment had built a tent as hang out and dj booth for the Superstadt! conference. The entire day I had the feeling we were waiting for a special guest. But it turned out Gaddafi couldn’t make it…

Kuifje in Nieuw Crooswijk

October 19, 2011


Made in NL at Galerie Jaroslav Fragnera

October 16, 2011


October 12, 2011

From the rooftop of the fantastic Metropol Praha: why use a crane if you can use a helicopter?

Tonight: Made in NL

October 12, 2011

Today at 7pm Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera