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Forum Party Hat

April 30, 2009

Forum Facade test lab: Guusjunghwabarbarathijssarahgeniwan

Instant Grill, Spontaneous Combustion

April 26, 2009

BBQ Direct: put a match to the wrapping of the coal and it effortlessly ignites a perfect fire!

Put a match to the Wrapping...fireready!

The powerful logic of this innovation is comparable to the edible trays for French Fries that were introduced in the Netherlands about a decade ago. In order to reduce trash in the streets the ‘traditional’ plastic dishes were replaced with cups made out of potato: now you could actually eat the plate! (The ecological experiment did not become a big success. Paradoxically, you didn’t need the fries anymore…)

Burgers Zoo

April 24, 2009


Master Gen’s Escalator Playground Spells NL!

April 23, 2009


Circuit City

April 21, 2009

DTM presentation in Düsseldorf: the Königsallee transformed into temporary racetrack.

Düsseldorf-Circuit City

Drive by shopping


April 20, 2009


3m Zone

April 17, 2009



April 14, 2009

BoomBench Silenced

BoomBench: ready for shipment to Milano. Wrapped in blankets it actually starts to look comfortable. And more Droog maybe…

Happy Easter

April 11, 2009

Last Friday Kimo organized the, from now on traditional, decoration of Easter eggs. We only started painting after we ate most of the ‘canvas’. Still the egg hunt resulted in a Happy Egg, an IKEA egg, a brown egg painted white and a white egg painted brown, a .NL egg, a ‘half’ egg, a scrambled egg, an orange egg, a beautiful egg and an egg with mayonnaise.


.NL Egg




MiNiBAR Paris

April 8, 2009