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February 24, 2015

UGE on Eiffel

UGE has mounted two vertical axis turbines on the Eiffel Tower. “Located above the second level, the turbines will produce over 10,000kWh of electricity a year, offsetting the annual consumption of all commercial activity on the Eiffel Tower’s first floor.

The two UGE VisionAIR5 vertical axis wind turbines were specially painted to match the iconic tower, and are located 400 feet above ground level to maximize energy production”.

It feels a bit like a déjà vue if you excuse my French. It could be considered a mock up for the Power Tower:

UGE 01

UGE 04

UGE 02

John Jerde dies

February 11, 2015

I remember visiting the Partnership in Los Angeles. The hotel was nearby so we walked along the Ocean Front Walk. When we arrived we could not find the entrance. The building did not have a front door. The only way in was through the parking garage…