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The wind vane with the golden eggs

October 24, 2013

Barneveld Noord_ Golden Chicken Wind Vane

Gertjan likes to dress up his technical drawings with interesting props, ranging from playing children to Kama Sutra CAD.

In the drawings of Barneveld Noord he introduced a bunch of chickens on the loose. Not an unlikely situation since Barneveld is the Egg Capital of the Netherlands. The rail track is even nick named Chicken Line.

Barneveld Noord with Chickens

One chick actually materialized: it turned into a wind vane. As a tribute to the particular trade of the city it is not the typical rooster but a gilded chicken.

Barneveld Noord with Chicken

The transparency of the pavilion might have a down side, it could potentially be harmful. People or birds might smash into the windows; hence the golden eggs. Our feathered friends will hopefully be particularly attentive…

Barneveld Noord_Golden Egg

Made in NL at SARP Katowice

October 18, 2013


Made in NL, an exhibition initiated by Dan Merta of Jaroslava Fragnera gallery in Prague in 2010, is still traveling. Currently it is set up in Katowice at the architects association. SARP is located in a beautiful edifice in the center of the city. It features a cafe on the ground floor that doubles as a gallery. Archibar is great place for architects to meet and exchange ideas about the profession. The bar is not restricted to members, it is accessible for everyone and as such a brilliant interface between architects and the public. I think we need an Archibar back home too…

Made in NL in Katowice


October 4, 2013


Carefully under-dimensioned mast. Wind power 10