February 24, 2015

UGE on Eiffel

UGE has mounted two vertical axis turbines on the Eiffel Tower. “Located above the second level, the turbines will produce over 10,000kWh of electricity a year, offsetting the annual consumption of all commercial activity on the Eiffel Tower’s first floor.

The two UGE VisionAIR5 vertical axis wind turbines were specially painted to match the iconic tower, and are located 400 feet above ground level to maximize energy production”.

It feels a bit like a déjà vue if you excuse my French. It could be considered a mock up for the Power Tower:

UGE 01

UGE 04

UGE 02

John Jerde dies

February 11, 2015

I remember visiting the Partnership in Los Angeles. The hotel was nearby so we walked along the Ocean Front Walk. When we arrived we could not find the entrance. The building did not have a front door. The only way in was through the parking garage…

Fly United_For Real!

December 15, 2014

Fly United_Airbus

Fly United Airbus Formation for real copy

Fly United sm

For the Biennale in 2008 we created a Virtual Reality called Fly United. The Mash-up shows nine jets in the V-shape typical for migrating birds like geese. The idea is that the slipstream will reduce air-resistance; the airplanes will become lighter because they have to bring less fuel! Airliners from London, Brussels and Paris for instance could gather in the sky to ‘embark’ on the collective long haul flight to NY… and safe 10%.

It of course requires really good pilots. Now Airbus for the first time succeeded to make formations with passenger class flights… check this amazing family flight video. It is getting time to check the hypothesis.

Thank you Daan Roggeveen for the in-flight information!

RAL 7039_brutalism appreciated!

December 9, 2014

Er zal een trotse wijk verrijzen…. Grote grijze toren flats nog mooier dan paleizen”.

Schaap met de 5 pooten_Bijlmermeer

A proud neighborhood will arise… large grey tower blocks prettier than any palace”. ‘t Schaep met de 5 pooten – 1969 – De Bijlmermeer

‘t Schaep met de 5 pooten was an immensely popular TV show broadcasted nationally in 1969. One episode chanted about the creation of a new expansion of Amsterdam: Bijlmermeer, the CIAM inspired hexagonal vertical garden city: concrete utopia. The heartfelt optimism about the new quarter in the making is remarkable: Bijlmer Bliss!

That desolate wasteland
Will become an all concrete neighborhood
With a thousand houses in a row
And all equal

“I can feel that I will love you
Bijlmermeer… Bijlmermeer”.

Apparently grey concrete was considered wonderful… brutalism appreciated!

During the rescue operation and revamp of Kleiburg -the last remaining apartment building of the Bijlmermeer still in original state- layers of paint have been blasted off. Balconies and galleries once again expose the wonderful tactility of concrete: the consoles delisiously coarse and rough on one side and refined on the other, the exposed aggregate concrete panels vibrant, and the prefab railings smooth and soft. Maybe even better than Travertin.

An unfortunate chain of events aborted our initial aspiration to bring back the tropical hard wood window frames in transparent varnish. But the grey paint (RAL 7039) proofed a wonderful and fitting alternative…

Below the full lyrics in Dutch:

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Elevator goooing left!

November 29, 2014


ThyssenKrupp is developing the world’s first rope free elevator.  The MULTI  will evoke a revolution. It comprises of several cabins in the same shaft moving vertically and horizontally that will permit buildings to adopt different heights, shapes, and purposes, transforming conventional elevator transportation in vertical metro systems. Transrapid going up!

MULTI requires smaller shafts than conventional elevators, and can increase a building’s usable area by 25%!

The MULTI is exactly what we’ve been waiting for… In our proposal for Taipei performing Arts Center we hoped to deploy a system of elevators that besides going up and down could move sideways, that could overtake each other for ultimate efficiency and pure bliss: the elevator a ride!


The Road as Chesterfield

November 25, 2014


Sleeping Policeman in the gutter.

Increasingly heavy rain might eventually require a new type of drainage. Traffic safety will remain an important issue. So why not combine bump and gully?

Can we invert the speed bump and turn it into some kind of gutter?

Drainage and speed control combined into one object = speed drain!speed drain




Sound shape

November 10, 2014

Our 3D printer is humming. Apparently different shapes evoke different sounds. From the specific reverberations Master Gen can distinguish the shape… ah… I can hear a box.

Barneveld Centrum: Permeable Walls

September 9, 2014



Coming soon: a new small station in the framework of ‘Prettig Wachten': Barneveld Centrum

The waiting area will be fully glazed. The idea is to turn all windowpanes into doors.

As such the building will no longer be in your way. You can enter and exit at any point.

Out of the Box: Bossche Bollen

August 18, 2014

Bolwoningen Den Bosch_Parking Party

The Bolwoningen (spherical houses) in Den Bosch were designed by Dries Kreijkamp in 1980. A total of fifty were built with a diameter of 5,5m, a floor space of 55m2 and content of 125m3.

Since 2001 experimentation no longer forms to a substantial part of our building culture. “My home is my castle” is taken seriously: brick fortresses rule…

A similar conservatism is apparent in car sales: 80 percent of the cars sold in the Netherlands in 2013 were either grey, white or black. NL became a grey nation.


One striking aspect of ‘het Bollenveld’ in Maaspoort today is the festive parking lot: an explosion of color! Not a single grey hatchback insight… Is there a link between the exceptional residential typology and this vivid palette?

Or are the cars still ‘original’, dating from the same era as the houses?


The Sixth Hall

June 24, 2014

The Sixth Hall_by Aernout Mik

The art work of Job Koelewijn and Aernout Mik is now up and running at TIVOLIVREDENBURG. Job’s Running Cemetary lists names of deceased artists on the hand rail of the escalators.

This weekend the video installation De Zesde Zaal was opened by alderman Margriet Jongerius.

We were delighted that Aernout proposed to attach his piece on our ‘floating’ music hall. We worked closely together to make the 7 x 3 meter screen an additional ‘tentacle’: autonomous but part of the organism. It forms a spectacular virtual ‘window’ to Pandora.

The 40 minute video is called The Sixth Hall. Aernout intended to add an additional ‘outdoor’ hall to the music building. The movie shows two different executions of 4’33: the mute composition by John Cage. 4’33 minutes of silence…

The ‘music’ is performed by the Asko Schönberg Ensemble conducted by legendary Reinbert de Leeuw and metal band Textures! Hell yeah! The ‘visual’ silence is intriguing…

The ‘concerts’ take place in front of a large audience in the amphitheatre of Lichtenberg in Weert. This beautiful but run down odeum is part of a school compound designed by Pierre Weegels in 1954 and forms a delightful architectonic backdrop.



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