Black Box or White Cube

This render by Master Gen of the Gate House is slightly reminiscent of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. It has a special feature though. The exact same material that was deployed in the actual building, the retro-reflective foil, is embedded in the print.

The visualization is both representation and real at the same time. Render vs Reality in a new light! The print is available in limited edition through Cityscapes Gallery.

The Gate House IPKW is clad in retro-reflective film. The same material that is used for traffic signs. But why would a BLACK version even exist? A mind-blowing and counter-intuitive inversion unfolds: the film has a black daytime appearance but reflects light at night. The black box will change color depending on the temperature of the light source. Brake lights will create a red glow, blinkers will evoke a pulsating orange.

Retro reflectivity is the proper term given to materials having the ability to return most of the light back to it’s originating light source. Many objects are reflective, but the light reflecting off them (the light that’s not absorbed by the color itself) is scattered in many directions, because they do not possess the ability to re-focus the light hitting them back to the light source“. (Good Prince of Darkness)

#gatehouse #porterslodge #blackbox #radicalrenovation #retroreflection #industrieparkkleefsewaard #arnhem #schipperbosch #nlarchitects @cityscapesamsterdam

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