Park Brederode: Bend Up

10 years ago we were asked by landscape design acency BVR to design 2 types of villas for Park Brederode in Bloemendaal, probably the most desirable piece of land in the Netherlands.

Bend Up was a new type of patio house: an elastic bungalow. In order to keep the gorgeous park 100% public we projected the garden on the roof. By bending the bungalow a direct relationship with the living room could be established. And the curves, in a way, blend in with the striking landscape of Dunes.

We didn’t hear anything about the project for a decade but last Friday an exhibition opened about entries for a competition that hoped to generate inspiration for future buyers of the lots that are still available. The competition was open to members of the union only. As such we missed the opportunity to breathe new life into the project…  it still deserves a change

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