Semifreddo Verdana

Cool pics by Jan Joris Vereijken on Flickr: half frozen roof…

Some more:


6 Responses to “Semifreddo Verdana”

  1. Jan Joris Vereijken Says:

    Oops—some of those I actually copied from your website; hope that’s OK. Feel free to copy mine!

  2. Jan Joris Vereijken Says:

    P.S. Hope we win the AAP 2010!

  3. nlarchitects Says:

    I very much like the one with snow only on one half of the roof: a side-effect of the geometry of the building.

    The ‘green’ roof will probably develop in a similar way, with different shades following the orientation… let’s see.

    Did you already move in?

  4. Jan Joris Vereijken Says:

    We move in in 19 days. I plan to keep taking pictures as the seasons pass by; track me on Flickr, and you should see them!

    If you’re interested to see the house from the inside when it’s really used, you’re quite welcome to visit and have a look. We should be fully settled June-ish.

  5. nlarchitects Says:

    Jan Joris, I’m really looking forward to see it!
    Let’s stay in touch

  6. Have a Clean House AND a Life « Sane Super Woman Club Says:

    […] Semifreddo Verdana « NL Architects Blog […]

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