Loop the Loop

March 28, 2014

Loop the Loop_01

10 years ago: Loop de Loop… mathematical madness. How did we pull it off? Clip by Christoph

With Wim Sjerps, Christoph Wassmann, Annarita Papeschi, Sören Grünert, Beatriz Ruiz de la Torre, Sarah Möller

Budget Hotel

March 14, 2014

The elevator in our hotel runs on change; you have to throw in some coins to get to the next level…

BIM is beautiful

March 12, 2014

M:Groninger ForumCorrespondenceinABTB140211_revit 20133657

Building Information Management (or is it Modelling?) is the new key to successful projects. Potential failure can be prevented by erecting a complete virtual model of the building. It allows all partners in the planning process to work together on the same ‘drawing’.

A team of 8 people at ABT and HvM is working on a super detailed mega model of Groninger Forum. Word has it that it is the first project in the Netherlands that includes the installations in the BIM Model. The crew at Huisman en van Muijen is drawing up all ventilation ducts, vents, shafts, pipes, fixtures, bulbs, switches and sprinklers in 3D CAD. Mesmerizing… So far 4.200 ‘clashes’ have been detected and subsequently resolved. What? WOW!

Since a few years we’re working with Revit. We’re excited with the possibilities of cyber structure but we’ve been frustrated with the visual output; we’ve been struggling with the aesthetics.

But now we slowly start to discover how to represent the Model in more appealing ways. Both re-rendering BIM in visualization software and plain black and white hidden line snapshots turn the model in a mind-blowing intricate architectural version of Body Worlds.

The drawings now turn out to be so gorgeous that our gallerist Bastiaan Gribling of Cityscapes Gallery will include them in his collection. A series of these images will be featured in a show coming May.

Baby Boom Bench

March 7, 2014

Baby Boom Bench

Kirsten crafted a present for Michael’s new born: a fluffy Boom Bench as music box (Spieluhr). It sounds great! Please check out the clip.

Haparandadam_Trafo Gazebo

March 2, 2014



We just watched an amazing clip of Erik Åberg’s mind-bending GhostCube.

Here’s our attempt to create a transformer; Trafo Gazebo was one of 3 proposals for a cultural stage on the Haparandadam in Amsterdam.

(Our winning proposal: Multi Mill is still on hold, but something tells me that the time is slowly getting ripe for resurrecting the project…)

3D puzzle

February 26, 2014


Since the first one came out of the oven we’ve been fascinated by the idea of future archaeologists digging up our 3Vase. What would they think when they would find all these fragments? We didn’t have the stomach to smash one to simulate the effect.

It needed someone like Wei Wei. Or like Wim. Wim has sent us some pics of his recent project. Apparently our vase was shattered in an accident. But he managed to put it back together again. Better than before perhaps. In Wim’s words: een geluk bij een ongeluk!




Camper Camping

January 15, 2014

Camping on Cruquis

Bovag: the amount of campers in the Netherlands is ‘exploding’. At this moment over 80.000 mobile homes are registered. Since January 2009 the number is up with 36 percent!

When we were looking for temporary interventions on the empty lots on the Cruquiusterrein in the framework of Design as Activator one of the ideas was to set up a camping for mobile homes. Not many locations are available for parking your camper in Amsterdam, but many vacant lots are available. This could make the city attractive for a new target group. The Camper Camping on Cruquius didn’t materialize during last years event but apparently there seems to be a demand. Caroline, maybe we can set up the camp this year?


January 13, 2014


We finally put Gershwin Plot 14 online; we couldn’t get to it earlier… about one year ago we were fired from this exhilarating job; the most traumatic event of 2013. Hard to swallow, and impossible to forget: almost daily we pass the building site.

Please check it out, it is gorgeous: an optimistic terraced tower with high end apartments featuring giant hanging gardens developing from a rational block with affordable rental units. Too good to be true.




Ladies and Gentlemen

December 16, 2013

Maarten Kloos, director of Arcam, has left the building… quite a stunning building that is…

Maarten some time ago brought us a nice present: a recording of the speech that Ben Merkelbach gave in the framework of the opening of an industrial building at the Van Hallstraat that he had designed. This pre-war gem is now our headquarters.

Due to illness, Merkelbach was unable to attend the opening of a factory in Amsterdam that he designed together with his partner Charles Karsten in 1939 for the Hartmann bros. company, Graficolor N.V. A few years before, in 1936, they had built the AVRO studios in Hilversum, their first company building and most famous work. His connections at the broadcasting corporation made it possible for Merkelbach to have his speech recorded on a gramophone record, which was played at the opening. The AVRO also gave speakers who did attend, such as the head contractor and the client, the opportunity to record a message for the recovering Merkelbach”. (NAi wwwebsite)

It is very inspiring to hear these recordings: a ‘loving’ relationship between client and architect: heart-warming mutual respect. “Dear Mr. Merkelbach, dear Ben, you belong to our factory“. You can check them here (scroll down, only in Dutch)

Merkelbach Van Hallstraat_NL Architects

Maarten, thank you!

Connecting Concepts

December 12, 2013

Verdana Funen_Connecting Concepts

The model of Verdana / Blok K in Funenpark that was made by Made By Mistake -is it really built with Old Amsterdam?- was just returned by the New Institute from a two year trip through Brazil (2 venues), India (3 venues), China (2 venues), Turkey, Germany and NL in the framework of the Connecting Concepts exhibit organized by Ed van Hinte, a collaborative project between Premsela, The Netherlands Architecture Institute, and Brainport Eindhoven for Dutch Design Fashion Architecture… Ah, the Dynamic Dutch Institutional Landscape (DDIL)…


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