Epke in Welgelegen

Epke Zonderland performs in a clip, shot in Gymnastics Hall Welgelegen.

One Response to “Epke in Welgelegen”

  1. Maria Mahlamaki Says:

    Hi! I have to thank your blog for a warning I read there by chance. Our architect’s office was contacted by a Kuwaitian company called Al Lateef Group offering us 3 projects in Qatar. We were obviously very interested by had still some thoughts: Is this too good to be true. The office should only first acquire the license to act in Qatar, not costing much -1500 – 8000 €!
    I searched the internet and found in your blog a similar case from back years. And I found there also a hint regarding “whois”, which I did not know earlier. – The Finnish Embassy also stated later that the company is not listed in the Chamber of Commerce in Kuwait. – I can only thank your blog for the first bell ringing against fraud!

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