Forest of steel girders

Our favourite read, Cobouw -the daily newspaper for the building industry- published a long article about Muziekpaleis: an elaborate description of the 3D madness of stacked music halls, designed by 4 different architects and coordinated by Studio HH.

According to Stijn Berx of CSM Steelstructures the Muziekpaleis is one of the most difficult steel structures they ever did: “Unorthodox organization, exceptional forces, large spans, extreme cantilevers, hardly any repetition”.

What follows is an accurate description of the general setup and a detailed explanation of the Jazzzaal and the pop music and the chamber music halls.

About the so-called Crossoverzaal, our contribution to this ‘freak building’,  he clarifies: the connection to the Jazzzaal consists of two straight and two trapezoid trusses, with numerous beams, tension cables and sub structures, about 35 tons of steel. The intricacy of the structure however, is such that, in the framework of this article, it is impossible to clearly explain…

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