Silo’s Zeeburg: Home of Annie M.G. Schmidt

Annie M.G. Schmidt was a writer and poet, mainly of children’s books. And catchy rhymes that are part of the collective memory of the entire nation. The winning entry by Arons en Gelauff for the re-development of the Silo’s in Zeeburg was based on the brilliant idea to launch a kind of theme park about her work.

But do they realize what they are up for? In 1955 Annie M.G. wrote:

“Never build a home. It will take dozens of years for it to be completed. One will be of age before it is finished; old, grey, worn out, tired and ruined. Afterwards one realizes it didn’t take decades, no, not even a year, but that one year breaks your body and your spirit”.

2 Responses to “Silo’s Zeeburg: Home of Annie M.G. Schmidt”

  1. Floor Arons Says:

    Do we realize what we are up for? Probably not. But I must say at this moment we’re just tired, worn out and grey of waiting for the project to start! Two years before she died (1993), Annie M.G. Schmidt said she was very enthusiastic about the idea of building a Annie M.G. Schmidt House (“Er is dans…, er is film…, theater…, bibliotheek…, leeszaal…, alles voor kinderen in een centrum. En dat is uniek in Nederland. En ik hoop van harte dat dat doorgaat. En als dat mijn naam mag dragen, dan ben ik zeer vereerd.” Dit zei Annie M.G. Schmidt toen zij in 1993 over de plannen voor een kunstencentrum voor kinderen werd geïnformeerd.)
    Probably she already knew that it would take very long for people to build this House, and that she would not live to see this happen…….

    floor arons

    • nlarchitects Says:

      Floor, the project didn’t take off yet? Bad news. I can’t wait for it to open… hopefully when my kids are still young. good luck! Kamiel.NL

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