The Sixth Hall

The Sixth Hall_by Aernout Mik

The art work of Job Koelewijn and Aernout Mik is now up and running at TIVOLIVREDENBURG. Job’s Running Cemetary lists names of deceased artists on the hand rail of the escalators.

This weekend the video installation De Zesde Zaal was opened by alderman Margriet Jongerius.

We were delighted that Aernout proposed to attach his piece on our ‘floating’ music hall. We worked closely together to make the 7 x 3 meter screen an additional ‘tentacle’: autonomous but part of the organism. It forms a spectacular virtual ‘window’ to Pandora.

The 40 minute video is called The Sixth Hall. Aernout intended to add an additional ‘outdoor’ hall to the music building. The movie shows two different executions of 4’33: the mute composition by John Cage. 4’33 minutes of silence…

The ‘music’ is performed by the Asko Schönberg Ensemble conducted by legendary Reinbert de Leeuw and metal band Textures! Hell yeah! The ‘visual’ silence is intriguing…

The ‘concerts’ take place in front of a large audience in the amphitheatre of Lichtenberg in Weert. This beautiful but run down odeum is part of a school compound designed by Pierre Weegels in 1954 and forms a delightful architectonic backdrop.


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