BIM is beautiful

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Building Information Management (or is it Modelling?) is the new key to successful projects. Potential failure can be prevented by erecting a complete virtual model of the building. It allows all partners in the planning process to work together on the same ‘drawing’.

A team of 8 people at ABT and HvM is working on a super detailed mega model of Groninger Forum. Word has it that it is the first project in the Netherlands that includes the installations in the BIM Model. The crew at Huisman en van Muijen is drawing up all ventilation ducts, vents, shafts, pipes, fixtures, bulbs, switches and sprinklers in 3D CAD. Mesmerizing… So far 4.200 ‘clashes’ have been detected and subsequently resolved. What? WOW!

Since a few years we’re working with Revit. We’re excited with the possibilities of cyber structure but we’ve been frustrated with the visual output; we’ve been struggling with the aesthetics.

But now we slowly start to discover how to represent the Model in more appealing ways. Both re-rendering BIM in visualization software and plain black and white hidden line snapshots turn the model in a mind-blowing intricate architectural version of Body Worlds.

The drawings now turn out to be so gorgeous that our gallerist Bastiaan Gribling of Cityscapes Gallery will include them in his collection. A series of these images will be featured in a show coming May.

2 Responses to “BIM is beautiful”

  1. tomasz Says:

    fascinating ! please share more high resolution drawings of Body Worlds ! they are beautiful

  2. d.r.n.d Says:


    OH MY, this is great.
    please make a great service to humankind and provide us with higher res (vector) data for this image. I’d wallpaper my entire house with this, i swear.


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