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Mini Golf

June 10, 2013

Aleksandra and Katarina_Tee off

Aleksandra and Katarina_Test Drive

Mock ups for Mini Golf at Zeeburgerkade. For POR, Coming Soon!

Kleiburg rescued + Piet Kranenberg Ring to Bijlmer Museum

June 4, 2013

Kleiburg Rescued

It is official: over 70 % of apartments have been sold, Kleiburg will not be demolished!

And there is more intriguing news: the Gouden Piet Kranenberg Ring has been awarded to Stichting  Bijlmer Museum. The fifth of June Peter Dautzenberg will receive the Ring, a prize for an extraordinary contribution to real-estate in Amsterdam at the Provada. What? Bijlmer, Real-estate, Provada? The Golden Ring makes sense…

Taking Skype to the Big Screen

June 2, 2013

Taking Skype to the Big Screen

Master Gen setting up a skype meeting, taking it to the next level: projector, camera with tripod and surround sound speakers!

Taking Skype to the Big Screen_01