Quick Sand

Baron von M

Building production in the Netherlands has come to a full stop. On many locations former buildings have been flatted: many plots have been made ready for construction but now remain vacant…

For one of these near Lelyaan Station in Amsterdam we made a catalogue of possible new functionalities back in 2010. But still many of these lots remain empty; our cities are specked with open spaces with huge potential for the people living around them. Some are being colonized but others remain inaccessible. Some allegedly are dangerous. Achtung: Quick Sand!

Baron von Münchhausen as a metaphor for a new type of architect?

Now we are once again involved in a project to catalyze these ‘Baulücken’ with spatial interventions. ‘Design as Activator‘ has been organized by Carolien Ligtenberg of Platform Openbare Ruimte (POR) and also features Space & Matter and AAYU. Great Fun, but we still have to figure out the businessmodel… we have 2.500 euro to design and build our proposals…

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