The Dutch Path



Guus has just sent us a couple of pics from India. In collaboration with Indian developer Archohm the Dutch Architecture institute (NAi) is organizing a matchmaking program. The idea is to participate in an initiative to create a new design campus near New Delhi. Indian and Dutch architects now work together on a number of pavilions that will kick-start the development: Anindya Ghosh, Aarti Kulkarni, Amit Sharma, Siddharth Bathla, Isha Talsania, and Ira Koers, Mecanoo, Monadnock, NL_A and One Architecture.

Our pavilion is about watching moving images  together in a relaxed, informal way -film, YouTube, cricket, or PowerPoints; a kind of movie theater, video pavilion, TV room, combined with a playground. The building is based on aspect ratios of the different media, from standard (4:3 or 1.33 to 1) to wide-screen (16:9 or 1.78 to 1) to Cinemascope (2.35 to 1). A giant Hammock serves as stand.


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