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Schlangenbader Straße is a residential building  enveloping a Highway in Berlin. The 600 meters long terrace shaped building was designed by Georg Heinrichs in 1976.

The ‘Schlange‘ features an elaborate elevator panel: you run the risk to be run over by a truck on your way up.

4 Responses to “Sexy!”

  1. Architecture Singapore Says:

    Nice post thanks for sharing

  2. Stephan Says:

    I was intern in that office in autumn 1986…..

  3. Stephan Says:

    …hmm, G. Heinrichs seemed to be on a slow retreat already, struggeling with upcoming postmodernism in the 80s (he hated this change of paradigms). Schlangenbader Str. was kind of a dinosaur already. I think he still completely identified with it, but ist was “aus einer anderen Zeit”.

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