Human Scale in Architecture

Die Frage trieb sie um, wie der Mensch „als wichtigster Maßstab architektonischen Handelns“ in zukünftiger Architektur wohl wohne und lebe.

Das Ledigen Haus in Darmstadt, is a building for singles, designed by Ernst Neufert in the early fifties. The Neufert.

The innovative, intimate balconies feature a very elegant ring to suspend a flowerpot. Or is actually a cup holder?

Surprisingly the ceilings in the stairwells are low. Too low for Jana and Hans. They are both pretty tall, ganz tall actually, but just 2 meters headroom?

Perhaps this building ‘error’ was the catalyst of the Bauentwurfslehre, the spark to develop the apparently indispensable Architects’ Data…

Der Mensch, das Mass aller Dinge.

6 Responses to “Human Scale in Architecture”

  1. jana Says:

    ..guess Hans needs to write his own “Ringenier” (for extra-tall humans) 😉

  2. nlarchitects Says:

    Yesterday I ran into the grand daughter of Neufert. She is a painter and temporarily uses the Wasserbauhalle as her studio. She let me in: freaky structure, gorgeous space!

  3. nlarchitects Says:

    Hans would easily fit…

  4. michael Says:

    Kamiel? what are you doing in Darmstadt?? got a fax from Darmstadt?
    also check out the “baumhaus” komponisten viertel, mathildenhoehe and the TU

    ja, the wasserbauhalle i only know from outside, but its a beauty!

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