Phantom Pain

A new climbing hall by Mountain Network nears completion along the Ring Road A10. The stunning cave is going to replace their current outfit called Between Heaven and Earth in a former Church in Amsterdam. The new facility is hidden inside a ‘sound barrier building’ by CKA called Tribune.

Whenever we drive by the building a kind of phantom pain kicks in. Mountain Network (with whom we were working on the climbing hall in Dordrecht and currently on the Siloo o), in 2009 asked us to make a proposal for this new endeavor. We suggested making an incision in the North wall. The cut would create relationships with the outside, allow daylight to enter the hall and would reinforce the corporate identity through similarity with the Spordtgebouw.

Claus en Kaan however didn’t want us to interfere with their facade, at the time still a drawing. The refusal keeps us puzzled; it still seems a missed opportunity. Opening up the Hall would expose the spectacular interior and would create a sculptural 3D Billboard for Mountain Network (and climbing in general) while at the same time boosting the experience of the Highway, turning traffic jam into Highlight.

One Response to “Phantom Pain”

  1. michael Says:

    ignorance and ego got in the way!

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