Barbara BCF (Part IV)

This year’s theme for the Christmas dinner: Big Hair and Parting.

Each year we give a small present to a randomly selected colleague. Surprisingly, this year all the gifts had only one name on them: Barbara!

Except of course the one that she drew from a jar -with only Mindes name on the tags (we had to make it look unsuspicious). Since Minde is also leaving after his internship he got a present too: a first aid kit for the first aid kid… A very good choice; even on his way to the party he got hurt. His bike chain came off and while repairing it he cut his finger!!!

2 Responses to “Barbara BCF (Part IV)”

  1. shu Says:

    classic .NL
    looks like 60’s!

  2. michael Says:

    so Andy Warhole was there? (picture 5)
    and did Gen get a nerdy brother?

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