COO Leonardo Plaza

Only few days before the deadline of the competition for Het Leerpark in 2004, our very inspired client Rob van Kalmthout inquired if we could make him a gizmo to hand out to the jury members, city officials and other people involved in the process. He asked if we could deliver seventy models of the COO. 70 models!

Made by Mistake, our model maker managed to find a trick. They milled a base model in scale 1:200 and cast seventy colorful clones: a flock of models.

It was a brilliant move: even today in Dordrecht City Hall or in the office of the developer Heijmans you might come a cross one of these colorful bowls, a subliminal reminder of the project used as Paperclip Dispenser, Presse-Papier or Ashtray!

Now Leerpark is more or less up and running, the project is back on the agenda. We pick up positive signals: the pavilion might get build soon…

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