Zdeněk Miler died last week. Miler is the creator of Krtek the Mole. His gorgeous animations are a big inspiration. Especially the episode The Mole in Town from 1982 that is both sad and optimistic about the contemporary condition: Little Mole and his friends even discover great pleasure in the artificial and literary plastic environment! Until bliss ends with a BANG…

Benedikt, who worked in our office in 2008, was a huge fan too. When he left he got a stunning Krteček inspired T-Shirt: a city-scape built up from projects he had worked on during his internship rendered in the spirit of Zdeněk Milers aesthetics.

When we packed for Prague for the opening of Made in NL, Otis (5) -one of our younger team members- asked if it was true that we were going to the land of Krteček (molletje as we call him, or Maulwurf). The little Mole really is a big thing in the Czech Republic, perhaps similar to Hello Kitty in Japan or Nijntje / Miffy in the Netherlands. On other occasions we had already brought home Mole Domino, Mole Puzzles, Mole Memory, Magnetic Mole and many more Moles. This time Otis hoped we could bring Mole Lego.

Conveniently the Lego shop was located next to our hotel Metropol. But it was disappointing to find out that a Lego version of the Mole was not available. Still it seems a very convincing business idea to fuse these two popular toys into a new product… a guaranteed HIT. We hope it will be on the market soon!

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