IPKW connects

IPKW organized a gathering to celebrate several mile-stones of this innovative industry park with one event. The completion of the Gatehouse was one of them…

For us it was the first time to see the black reflector after dark… would it work?

The black top more or less disappears at night, emphasizing the brightness of the reception / lobby. And frequently the black surface suddenly lights up. Magic!

For the occasion a Laser projector was installed, scribbling illuminating messages. Ephemeral graffiti: IPKW connects

The design process was far from standard. The building was created in close collaboration with Schipper Bosch, our client. Director Bart Schoonderbeek is an architect too, educated at the AA. Bart played a crucial role in all phases of the development: the traditional distinction between client and architect evaporated… the result is pure team effort.


Since the collaboration was so successful we thought it would be a good idea to bring a present: a ‘traffic sign’ showing the diagram of this radical re-use project: the original building in white, the part that had to be sliced of in yellow, the new contour in black. A kind of retro-reflective Peter Halley highlighting past and future in one frame…

Project leader Guus making his appearance on the big screen.

2 Responses to “IPKW connects”

  1. Tan Says:

    congratulations Guus!

  2. Judit Bellostes : juego de apariencias – poortgebouw ipkw, gate house and porters lodge : Estudio de arquitectura Says:

    […] IPKW – NL Architects (descripción con ilustraciones, planos y fotografías. Nota sobre la inauguración en el blog) + Poortgebouw IPKW – IPKW (fotografías documentando el proceso de obra) + Poortgebouw IPKW […]

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