Less is more!

As a wedding gift Caro gave Juliette and Martijn a 3Vase. Juliette at first was sceptical: would that sculpture actually contain enough water? But now she found out what many florists will also tell you. Juliette has sent us an image of an experiment. She divided a bouquet over two vases, one contained plenty of water the other less. The Dahlias in the 3vase flourish and last longer! Less water = more flower! YES!

2 Responses to “Less is more!”

  1. Martijn Says:

    Mila was kind of disappointed when her father came home with a lot of flowers for mum, she likes flowers too !!!
    So mum gave Mila her own vase (left on the picture), but as the picture shows mum’s flowers survived longer.
    Maybe one day, when she turns 18 ,Caro could maybe give Mila a 3Vase.
    Until then she has to aks her mother to share the vase….

  2. Caro Says:

    Alright, Martijn! I’ll take care of it!

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