Virtual Reality?

We just got this link from Herr Schoner. Another Virtual Reality that might become rrreal…

Michael has the incredible ability to bring to the surface the weirdest stuff from the underbelly of the internet. When he was still working with us we received many emails every day with his amazing discoveries.

Now he ‘stands on his own legs’ I’m happy that he continues sending us these links now and then. Maybe he should make a business case out of it: sign in for his Link Tweet for a few bucks… could be the beginning of a fortune! Stumble upon Michael? Hello Link?

2 Responses to “Virtual Reality?”

  1. kirsten Says:

    i like

  2. Maarten van Grinsven Says:

    Please check out my latest video on the Simulation Cube. (A CAVE system for architecture presentations)

    VisionaiR 3D is a company that develops, builds, rents and sells Virtual Reality systems. It was founded in the year 2001 by Maarten van Grinsven and is settled in the Netherlands. We are specialized in VR presentations for the architecture industry.

    Our latest system is: The Simulation Cube. It is a panoramic, 360º surround projection system. It creates an image on 4 walls that completely surrounds the users to immerse them in a Virtual Reality environment. This front projected CAVE like display is cheap, fits in a small space of only 4x4x2.8 meters, and is easy to build up.

    The Simulation Cube is a CAVE system that was developed for commercial activities, and doesn’t use headtracking to avoid cyber-sickness and to keep a multi-user environment. The Simulation Cube is ideal for presentations for up to 6 persons and because of the integrated table it’s a comfortable place to host your presentation or sales-promotion.

    Navigating a virtual environment in the Simulation Cube is easy.
    The users just rotate around the table, and point the 3D joystick in the direction they want to go. The 360º field of vision keeps it easy to remain your orientation in the VR environment.

    The simulation Cube* (*Standard version) is a complete turnkey solution containing both software and hardware. Allowing you to experience VR environments, as well as create them. The Simulation Cube* comes with the following software pre installed on the system: Collada 3D model viewer, Quest3D, Google Earth (including Streetview) and the Unity3D editor.

    Instead of creating an application with unity3D that runs on the Simulation Cube, it is now possible to run the Unity3D editor itself on the Simulation Cube. During your presentation the rotatable monitor in the middle of the table can be used to access the Unity3D editor. Any changes made in the editor is reflected in realtime to the surrounding environment in the Simulation Cube. This exposes a whole new range of possibilities, from gaming to interior decorating, making the Simulation Cube the most flexible and complete VR presentation system out there.

    Experience the world around you, with Google Earth in the Simulation Cube.
    You can run Google earth in the Simulation Cube, allowing you to travel the world using the joystick in the middle of the table, while having the world projected around you.

    Google earth is perfect for VR presentations of real-estate, history and geographical data. This makes the Simulation Cube not only interesting to the architecture industry, but also I the fields of history and art

    For more info please visit

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