OP and NL are selected to develop multifunctional sport fields for Lokale og Anlægsfonden, the Danish Foundation for Culture and Sport Facilities (LOA). Together with Niels and Jennifer, who both worked in our office on projects like BasketBar, Funen and Wilde Plek, we currently work on a new generation of Multibane. These multipurpose arenas are about the only ‘unsolved’ public devices in über-elegant Denmark… the Multibane feature edges along the pitch to keep the ball in play. This boarding tends to be rather bulky and unattractive. We’re creating a catalogue with proposals that hope to reduce the impact on public space. It will go on-line soon. And we’ve selected one to be developed into an actual prototype: a hole in the ground, edges clad in Astroturf. The excavated soil will form a grassy knoll that can serve as an informal stand. Let’s see if it works…

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