Cityscapes at Art Amsterdam

Architect and urban planner Bastiaan Gribling launched an exciting initiative: Cityscapes Gallery. Cityscapes explores the relationships between art, architecture and the city: The kick off was yesterday during the vernissage of Art Amsterdam.

Cityscapes shows artworks of diverse nature: painting – sculpture – architecture – photography – video – installations –  that demonstrate a distinct view on the urban condition we live in.

In 2011 Cityscapes exhibitions will be organized on different locations and in different European cities. Next to exhibitions in the Citythoughts Artspaces in Amsterdam and Antwerpen, plans are being developed to organize exhibitions in collaboration with galleries in Barcelona, Zurich and Paris.

The exhibit features works by Anne Holtrop, MVRDV, NL Architects, Bas Princen Daan Roosegaarde, SeARCH, Giny Vos, West 8 and Nicky Zwaan.

We’ve always considered our virtual contributions to the ‘architectural landscape’ of similar importance as our actual build work. Cityscapes now offers a real opportunity to explore a new audience. And perhaps a new economy…

Two of our ‘mash-ups’ are now for sale: Flower Power / Power Plant and Phantom Pain. The large ‘piëzo prints on dibond’ (100 x 140) are made by Bernard Ruijrok, which really brings them alive.

Also a 3D print of Power Flower is now available. Booth 47, until May 15. Check it out!

3 Responses to “Cityscapes at Art Amsterdam”

  1. Maurizio Says:

    My name is Maurice and I am an architectin Italy …Please can I have the possibility to make contact with the group that studied the Power Plower (tree micro wind turbine)…. if I could get a contact email and referent name…thanks.

  2. Una foresta eolica | Link Creativi Says:

    […] NL Architects NESSUN COMMENTO TAG: Eolico, NL Architects CallAdBoxTracking(391620, 153162367, 0, […]

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