second second coming?

Although we lost the competition for the re-use of two decommissioned silo’s on Zeeburgereiland to the exciting plan to create the Annie M.G. Schmidt Huis, our proposal was received with enthusiasm.

The third silo had been reserved for another initiative, but now -‘thanks’ to the crisis- the proposal to turn it into an office building was abandoned.

So we can make a fresh start… we’re now involved in a feasibility study to create “het huis van de klim- en bergsport”, a world-class venue for climbing and mountaineering. Let’s see if we can make it work in the rebound…

Last weekend an initiative was launched  to put the vacant island on the mental map of potential future inhabitants. On the ‘Waaidag’, people could go ‘power kiting’, magnificent super-kites were launched, there were kite-buggy demonstrations, kids could paint kites and build windmills. And their Teddybears could go skydiving!

Moreover the 3rd silo was deployed as a climbing object; courageous people go abseiling from the 22 meter tall structure.

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  1. - Bouldering & Climbing Says:

    […] the weblog of NL Architects can be read that “-‘thanks’ to the crisis- the proposal to turn it into an office […]

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