Pre-qualifications remain difficult to get in. But this time we hoped to have a convincing line-up; for the Rock museum competition in Roskilde we formed a promising team. In addition to experienced planning professionals Niels Lund Petersen (NL DK), KHR Arkitekter AS, Dines Jørgensen & co AS and Bureau B+B we invited consultants that also have a track record in music. They could help ‘bridge the gap’ between music and form:

Art Zaaijer, architect and planner, former director of OMA and musician. Art, among other things, is the urban designer and ‘supervisor’ of de Uithof (the University Campus of Utrecht). We worked with him on the BasketBar, and right now on a new ‘interface’ between city and campus. Art was the singer of the DIV. This legendary new wave band was founded in 1980 by architecture students…

And we very much looked forward to working together with Lars Ulrich, the most famous rock star from Denmark, trommeslager of Metallica.

Pieter used to be a drummer too. He designed several stunning drum kits. See the minimal beauty above. Another model consisted of 9 rubber pads connected to radios, all tuned into different stations that would be activated with each hit … wow

And in the eighties Pieter created the ultimate album cover:  a cover made out of dust cloth! The record would always be clean once you remove it from its cover…  a sublime merger of music and design…

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