Dschingel Bells, Dschingel Bells, Dschingel all the way

It was sooo exciting to be in Wuppertal again. A sensational city. The geography forces the urban substance to spread out in a linear way through the valley. There was hardly any space left for infrastructure so an elevated monorail was build on top of the river: the Schwebebahn. The river is mirrored by a steel skeleton that hovers over it. As the track follows the natural flow it features marvelous curves. Since the cars are hanging from a single rail they sway nicely in the banked curves. Oh what fun it is to ride…

Wikipedia: Schwebebahn Wuppertal is a suspended monorail in Wuppertal. Its full name is the Einschienige Hängebahn System Eugen Langen. The Schwebebahn is designed by Eugen Langen, who originally planned to build it in Berlin. It was built in 1900 as a local transport system. It is the oldest monorail in the world. The suspension railway travels along a route 13.3 kilometers long, about 12 meters above the river Wupper and approximately 8 meters above the streets.

The Kaiserwagen, the original train used by Emperor Wilhelm II during a test ride on 24 October 1900, can still be rented for festive occasions.

One Response to “Dschingel Bells, Dschingel Bells, Dschingel all the way”

  1. Stephan Schülecke Says:

    Youtube has some nice videos. I like the street parts most: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHZmFHVlynk
    and – leaving the station with the driver’s view is “even schrikken”.

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