Shovel Playground: Tabula Rasa Fata Morgana

When discussing our proposal for the Temp agency ( with Peter Hopman of Bureau Lakenvelder he right away got enthusiastic. Stupid jobs can be exhilarating! He mentioned a business idea he’s working on. The plan is to buy a couple of secondhand draglines and shovels and to find a free site somewhere and then rent out the machines for a couple of hours. Peter thinks there is a big market of shovel enthusiasts. And he’s right: when we mention the idea people ask to sign them up immediately…

Presently there are a great number of sites that have been cleared of their initial buildings but still wait for the new developments to break ground; these crisis-inspired mini-desserts are scattered around the city. At the same time there are plenty idle excavators…

Since we are working on an investigation in how to use and program a temporarily empty building site near Lelylaan Station in Amsterdam we might have a the perfect lot available. Imagine the astonishment of commuters that slowly start to grasp that all that activity is fruitless: nothing is actually being build…

Click image!

2 Responses to “Shovel Playground: Tabula Rasa Fata Morgana”

  1. Shovel Playground: Tabula Rasa Fata Morgana from NL Architect’s Blog | Methods of Assembly Says:

    […] a link to their post for the full […]

  2. nlarchitects Says:

    Thank you So:ren for the link!,default,pd.html

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