Temp agency

Now it has become clear that building production in the Netherlands will come to a full stop we should reconsider our trade. Initial nightmares of a back-to-the-eighties scenario with sacrificing architectural qualities (lowering the ceiling heights back to 2.44 meter to economize for instance) – that in itself would be enough reason for taking a sabbatical decade- have now been replaced with a notion of complete redundancy.

So not just the scope of services should change, but we really should start looking for new jobs. Advertising perhaps? Law? (Pieter is potentially an superior attorney) Or maybe switch to teaching school kids?

Currently we discuss setting up a Temp Agency. The idea is that there are numerous jobs that are uninspiring, numbing even if you have to do them all your life but can be great fun to do for a couple of days. Can we form some sort of rotating work system? A pool of laborers that can do a whole range of jobs one after the other? The jobs should be not too complicated and not require too much routine. We still have to figure out a lot, how to deal with wages, work ware etc, but it could make life much more interesting.

4 Responses to “Temp agency”

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  3. Rebecca Eng Says:

    Interesting. I imagine you have heard of the Day Labour Program in San Francisco?

    It’s scary how many skilled people could take advantage of this type of employment system today..

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