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Game on

June 8, 2010

Our project at the Karspeldreef is taking shape rapidly. Could the fierce competition between two teams of construction workers on both sides of the building have something to do with the remarkable speed of construction?

Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities

June 5, 2010

Pearl River Necklace
Please checkout our entry for the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities on our wwwebsite

Traffic Gem
The complexities of the facility led to a series of technocratic solutions that served as a fixed precondition for the competition. How can we turn infrastructure into meaningful events?

Plastic Surgery
Beauty comes from within. So if we want to turn the project into a success we cannot just focus on superficial improvements: we should work with the organs an intestines too…


June 1, 2010

Currently we are building the most sustainable Castle in the Air…