On Thursday we were invited to celebrate the 15th anniversary  of VMX. Location: the incredible SODAE house near Amsterdam.

The house is situated in a breathtaking rural landscape near the Amstel river.

You could say it is in the Middle of Nowhere, but since you are surrounded by fragments of skyline in the distance it is actually in the Middle of Everything. Don found the eye of the storm.

The beautiful Dinner that culminated in a chocolate Maria, was served in a ‘Barn’.

Chocolate Mary with her Creator

Photographer Jeroen Musch, who had to sleep over in the House to ‘catch’ the right fog, NL Architect Kirsten Hüsig, former VMX Skafte Aymo-Boot, now NEZU AYMO architects

Behind the barn a tractor was parked. I wondered if this monster truck was Don’s lawn mower, but according to former VMX Gijs Baks -who played a crucial role in the design of the house- it was not. Knowing Christian Rapp’s preference for blocky German cars maybe it was his? But it turned out Christian was not on the guest list…

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