Luiertaart: Sarah’s 33rd Week and her Last Day

To present a so-called Diaper Cake to pregnant parents is a beautiful tradition: it combines the festive with the practical. In principle you role up a number of diapers and build a ‘cake’ with them: a cheerful gesture that becomes fully functional from day one.

At NL Architects this custom is still in an embryonic phase. But after a blissful version of Rietkamer for Kirsten about one year ago, a Diaper ‘Fortress’, now it is time to celebrate Sarah’s last day in the office before maternity leave: a Diaper Tower was constructed modeled after our project B05 in Nieuw Crooswijk in Rotterdam. (The terraced tower itself will go under construction soon. Due Date: spring 2013)

2 Responses to “Luiertaart: Sarah’s 33rd Week and her Last Day”

  1. Originele Luiertaart! Says:

    This is a very nice tradition to hold on to!

  2. Luiertaart maken Says:

    Nice diaper tower. 🙂 Another kind of diaper cake!

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