The Start of Something Beautiful

Europan celebrates its 10th edition in the Netherlands with an overview of all winners of the past 20 years with an exhibition at the NAi. The show that runs until May 16 is accompanied by a book: Europan 10!

The participants were asked to write 100 words about the importance of Europan for the development of their office.

Although we were one of the few winners in the Netherlands that never managed to really build their entry, we perhaps actually still owe our existence to this competition. In order to understand what Europan has meant for us we made a diagram that traced the ‘lifelines’ of the office that originated from the 4th edition.

Pixel City, an alternative for what we considered the destructive VINEX, did not win us many friends in The Hague. We were never given a follow-up brief. Though as a result of this competition, property developer Hans van der Zant did think we could play a role in the development of the Schilderswijk district. Later he invited us in The Hague South West. The collaboration resulted in the construction of ‘De Kameleon’. Another ‘lifeline’ runs via Niek Verdonk, a member of the Jury. He arranged an exciting project for us in Haarlemmermeer. And Niek played a crucial role in our involvement in the residential tower Prisma and Het Groninger Forum.

One Response to “The Start of Something Beautiful”

  1. meliason Says:

    europan seems to have been a great opportunity for many young architects. i only wish that those outside europe could participate, or that the u.s. would develop their own europan program.

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