Dotting the i

On January 27 Prisma was officially opened. After several speeches, for instance by Niek Verdonk, who managed to revitalize our conscience about the benefits of compact cities and Pieter Bannenberg -“the great thing about these balconies is that they are like gardens, you can walk from one room to another through the outdoor space” and “it is remarkable that after all the economizing an image of our competition entry could still be used on the building sign” – Alderman Frank de Vries and Peter Hillenga, director of the housing corporation De Huismeesters, put the dot on the i.

3 Responses to “Dotting the i”

  1. Ivarsson Says:

    I hate to spoil the party, maar deze zijkant komt over als een monoliet! Wat blijft er over van dit gebouw zodra als de ‘nieuwheid’ versleten is? Waar is de structuur, de textuur, kortom, het karakter? Ik vind het zo jammer dat (ook) moderne architectuur zo weinig tijdsbestendig denkt… Na zoiets als de jaren-zestig-Bijlmer moet men toch iets geleerd hebben over uniforme prefab hoogbouw? Zal deze donkere muur over tien jaar nog toonbaar zijn (en, if not, mag men de architect dan daarover terugbellen…)?

    • michael Says:

      @ ivarson:
      this side is maybe monolithic, but did you check the other side? I think one can only truly understand the worth of this building if he/she has been on one of the balconies. Please don’t give standard answers born from fear of modernism (an 90 years old development) to any modern building before really investigating it’s features.
      All design is always a child of its time with all its sets of rules and feelings and emotions – zeitgeist if you want, also the buildings unlike the bijlmer.
      where can i call you?
      besides: The most monolithic design these days is the iphone and everybody loves it.

      • Ivarsson Says:

        Don’t get me wrong: Im just aiming for a constructive comment. I have no fear of modernisms, in fact, far from it. It’s just that I (archaeologist with just a casual knowledge of/interest in architecture) can’t escape the feeling that this side of the building could have been made so much more ‘time-proof’ with only limited extra spending. Now it is indeed truely a child of its time (and currently not even all that ugly), but this wall will survive its own time and continue to darkly dominate the times beyond, if you understand what I mean…

        I’m not about to leave my phonenumber here (HTC Hero!), but I’ll gladly comment on anything at gmail: PKCH02 etc..

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