Sinter Claus

The traditional NL Architects Christmas Dinner took place December 17: a crossover between Sinter Klaas and Santa Claus.

When your reporter woke up out off hibernation he discovered that there was about 9 gigabyte of party pics to sort-out; 9 gig in one single night… this equals the same amount of data the entire office produced in its first decade.

The data mining took some time…

Oh no it’s Christmas time again,
And I still need some present for Gen
What could I give, I have no plan,
Imagine, he wants to use it back in Japan.
Now I got these sticks, nice and red,
But does he still know how to eat with that?
Oh, that’s no problem, because think again,
You can’t spell genius without Gen…

Whilst architecture is his passion,
Soccer is his profession.
He actually always rocks,
And to score more goals he needs this socks.

Snow and cold in wintertime, how can we get you through??
This sexy warm legging is for you!

Kamiel (present: Squirrel Shaped Nut Dispenser)
The slick rick of nuts
Always picks his x-tra cuts!
Those to steal
he Kamiel
will twirl
around the table like a squirl


You get a little nutty after every meal
So I wanna make with you a deal
Here is a chocolatebomb for your Christmas tree
So from now on leave all the Nutella for me!

En we zingen
En we springen
En we zijn zo blij

Want alles geht vorbei…

For Piet,
wurst or shiet?
Or just something totally different?
Merry Christmas!

It will not be pink but blue,
a nice color that’s true.
It will not be a she but a he,
a copy off Roel you will see.
Yes it’s a boy,
and for sure you will enjoy.

Thijs (present: Playboy with 60 old Patricia Paay)
Ooohhh Thijs what’s happening?

For Sint it goes all too fast – First you decide that Bas didn’t last
Secondly I hear you have a starter – with a winning FEMALE partner!
And on top of that you show interest in an older sexy lady
For Sint that is normal, but with you it becomes shady…

Delerious Sint

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