Zwaluwen Utrecht 1911: MAD COW

From our correspondent Sybren Hoek.

Sybren was part of the design team for this clubhouse in Utrecht and now is responsible for the creation of the new grandstand on the premises. He ran into this cow on the terrace.

The central idea of the project was to hide the dressing rooms in a kind of dike that had to extend the soccer pitches all the way up to the veranda that wraps around the bar on the first floor. Apparently a very inviting gesture…

But where did the cow come from? Where was it going?

We’re still fishing for answers…  

One Response to “Zwaluwen Utrecht 1911: MAD COW”

  1. Lukas Says:

    It seems obvious to me that the cow came from Switzerland..;-) Probably, she was really happy to find some kind of a mountain to climb onto…
    Nice shot Sybren!

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