Cliffhanger (2)

To be continued ...

Yesterday the official opening took place of the sports complex in Het Leerpark in Dordrecht. With its 8 gymnasiums piled together it turns out to be “the largest accommodation for sports education in the Netherlands”. It is very exciting to see it fully operational; it really seems to work!

One crucial part of the building however is still a just a construction site. In spite its current spectacular features it is a frustrating sight. Due to financial complexities, the climbing facility, that constitutes the main facade of the building, could not be realized. Yet.

But after almost six years of developing alternatives and perpetual negotiations  the City, Coörporatie Leerpark, developer Heijmans and Johan Cave of Mountain Network yesterday signed the contracts. Construction of the interior will start soon. It looks like there will be a Happy End…

Alderman Dion van Steensel

Moment Supreme ...

Wim is Back

Yannick designed much of the routing

2 Responses to “Cliffhanger (2)”

  1. Remmelt Says:

    He zie ik me zelf nu op de foto staan?

  2. nlarchitects Says:

    Sure looks like you…

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